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GSoC: KMess is IN!

Hi everyone! Today I’ll offer my little blogspace to Daniel E. Moctezuma, our mentored student for Google Summer of CodeΒ  2010 :) He’ll explain what’s about to happen in KMess soon… enjoy!

Integration of a plug-in system into KMess

KMess, the Live/MSN Messenger alternative for Linux, has been growing in
the past years as a way of letting the users feel comfortable with
instant messenger programs by providing a messenger with almost a lot of
the features Windows Live Messenger has together with a nice user
interface (and much more of course πŸ˜‰ ). In order to keep this constant
improvement, the developer team has been working on a plug-in system. It
is a major feature as it allows which allows new features without
bloating KMess.

The primary goal of this project is to design and write code in a way
that plugins/scripts can get their full functionality, main control of
the following components is considered:

– Message text editor
– Personal message and status
– Message transfer
– Access to display picture

I will create some demo plugins to show the capabilities of the plugin
This way other plugin developers can see how can be done, so they can
use all their creativity for improving the experience for KMess users.
For the same purpose, appropriate documentation is also required, so
documenting all my efforts is an important part too.


– Message editor: have control of the text you send to your contacts, as
well as the text you receive from them. There are many possibilities,
but why not play some jokes to friends and something you write your
messages backwards. You know how painful it is to write long sentences
in reverse (let alone read them πŸ˜‰ ). Another, more reasonable, one is
predefined sentences: let the user to choose the trigger-commands and
message to be shown like if you type “>greet” could show “Hi! How are you?”.

– Personal message and status: control of your personal message. A
possible demo plugin is to change the personal message automatically at
certain hours configuring it in a simple window where I can set an
specific personal message or status to be shown at a certain time.

– Messages transfer: control how many people would you like to be able
to receive your message. The demo plugin could be: I would like to ask something to 5
people in private without opening each one of its windows and
writing/copy-pasting the same message 5 times, instead of that how about
selecting the contacts or group(s) you like to send the message(s).

– Display picture: control of the display pictures you show to your
contacts. As a demo, we could set an specific display picture to be
shown at a certain time or to be shown by an interval of time.

Awesome, to say the least! Thanks a lot, Daniel πŸ˜‰

3 Responses to “GSoC: KMess is IN!”

  1. Lebowski Says:

    Great improve. But WebCam support? When?

  2. Diederik van der Boor Says:

    >But WebCam support? When?
    For a successful GSoC we’ve decided it’s nice to offer a stable ground to work on, instead of being trapped in the flux of internal changes. The MSNP2P framework on which webcam builds is being re factored heavily, so that brings an uncertainty we didn’t like to build a GSoc project upon.

  3. Dotan Cohen Says:

    Like Lebowski says, Kmess cannot be taken seriously until there is webcam support. The goal is feature parity with Windows Live Messenger? Then support it’s most basic, central feature.