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Allowing user feedback with LikeBack

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

LikeBack is a very effective way to allow your application’s users to contribute actively with your project.

It is composed by two parts:

  • A frontend, the most important part, that which will be seen and used by the users.
  • A backend, which the developers can use to see and answer to what users had to say.

In seven months of activity (we’ve started using it in KMess since february 2009) we’ve received well over 2500 comments: of those, the vast majority was useful to us: this should help understanding how bloody useful LikeBack is.

The flow of comments will be to you extremely useful to understand what your users want: we found that LikeBack really helped in giving the project a direction. It will be *their* direction – which needs to be also *yours*, if you want to keep your project alive! I think that 99% of the time, you’ll find the direction suggested by LikeBack comments will be the best one :)

Now a little tutorial on how it works, and how to install it (it’s not hard!):


You know that your project is *awesome* when…

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

…when it takes two thousands, five hundred and thirty-five useful comments to get an insult:

«Why, thank you!»

«Why, thank you!»


We consider this as a great milestone :)